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Unitary enterprise registration

Unitary enterprise registration

Private unitary enterprise registration for commercial organization isn’t endowed with assigned property ownership. Property is owned by an individual or jointly owned by spouses or members of a peasant / Farm Company or legal entity privately. Property belongs on economic management basis rules to registered unitary enterprise. Unitary enterprise owned properties remain indivisible so it can’t be distributed following deposits, shares, even between enterprise employees. «Grand Realt» review gives more details.


Private unitary enterprise registration features.

  • One founder / one property owner.
  • Juridical address for private unitary enterprise let be both non-residential and residential household.
  • Private enterprise owner isn’t liable for enterprise obligations in economic management registration right basis cases.


Private unitary enterprise registration steps.

Private unitary enterprise Charter prepared by «Grand Realt» should consist of:


  • Name, location, subject, activity purposes, enterprise, authorized capital sizing, procedure activity managing procedure, formation sources and its timing.
  • Private unitary enterprise registration in corporate name should display ownership indication form only when it’s created by an individual, activity nature indication and organizational and legal form indication, meaning unitary enterprise clearly.


Place of registration.

A private unitary enterprise registration may locate itself in apartment; owner’s residential building at private unitary enterprise property and it is subject of some conditions:


  • Living space belongs to owner on ownership right basis.
  • In shared or joint ownership, all owners and his family members consent and / or all owners family members living in premises consent is required.
  • To all residential premises owners of private housing stock consent, and all owners adult family members living in premises.


Private unitary enterprise property.

Private unitary enterprise having property owner permission can be economic companies and investors in limited partnerships members only. Unitary enterprise is restricted to contribute, as to statutory fund of economic societies or partnerships contribution, real estate which belongs to it on economic management right but without owner’s consent.


Private unitary enterprise registration isn’t entitled to sell real estate, lease or pledge it, economic societies fund or partnerships contribution, or dispose of it without owner’s consent. Other property belonging to your enterprise, it manages independently.


Unitary enterprise owner’s rights.

  • Issues of creating unitary enterprise solutions. Defines subject or / and objectives to activity, liquidation, reorganization. Owner appoints head, exercises over enterprise property use control.
  • Profit part acceptance right from property in economic management use getting from established enterprise.
  • Owner in property isn’t responsible for private unitary enterprise obligations, excluding bankruptcy cases.


Private unitary enterprise authorized capital.

When registration of private unitary enterprise happens, the founder must determinate authorized capital size. Property owner does it independently. Private unitary enterprise management body is appointed by owner manager or other authorized person.


Authorized fund and account.

Suitable bank selection for private unitary enterprise registration is a responsible step. Servicing at different banks varies very much. Study all bank offers at «Grand Realt» properly. It’s mandatory to form a statutory fund prior we contact the Belarus registering authority.


Seal for your private unitary enterprise.

After all contacts to unitary enterprise registration authority, it’s required to make your enterprise seal. To order the seal made by «Grand Realt» you need:


  • Articles of association containing unitary enterprise registration authority stamp, in original.
  • PUE Director’s Statement.
  • Director signed sketch of company seal.


Arrangement of current account.

After your seal is there, «Grand Realt» establishes your current account. Required papers:


  • Articles of Association verified copy (but also without notarization possible).
  • Director’s signature sample card, company seal imprint (can be provided at bank while applying).


Next, «Grand Realt» travels to unitary enterprise registration authority and takes your papers package away. Now your unitary enterprise is recognized as registered. Then a «Grand Realt» specialist will travel to several government offices.


Tax authority.

For tax authority «Grand Realt» requires a package of documents from your enterprise:


  • Verified by company director Certificate of state registration copy.
  • Signed by director Articles of Association copy.
  • Foreign director verified ID or passport copy.
  • Establish a private unitary enterprise Decision in copy.
  • Tax authority registration paper by executive committee.
  • Application to simplified taxation system (if this way of taxation selected).
  • Folders binder in two copies.
  • Inspections and revisions accounting book, stitched and sealed, in the book we indicate director’s name.
  • Comments and suggestions book «Grand Realt» manager will collect at tax authority office.


Social Security Fund.

For the Federal Social Security Service primary travel after unitary enterprise registration «Grand Realt» requires these papers:


  • Verified by director Certificate of state registration copy.
  • Copy of Charter of your enterprise.
  • Directors ID or passport verified copy.
  • Decision on establishment a private unitary enterprise verified copy.
  • Payment of wages timing order copy.



«Grand Realt» contacting Belgosstrakh will request the papers package that you must provide. In different areas of Belarus individual list of papers may be required.


Turnkey for registration of private unitary enterprise.

Concluding agreement with «Grand Realt», you issue us powers of attorney and required papers. Registration of private unitary enterprise service on turnkey basis is widespread. «Grand Realt» prepares packages and assigns a lawyer to accompany the enterprise representative in registration authority and contacts the bank on your order.


Where to get registration of unitary enterprise?

Registration of private unitary enterprise can be provided by «Grand Realt» in Minsk or anywhere in Belarus. Please get a personal consultation by email: info@grandrealt.com or call: +375447978585