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Representation of interests on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Representation of interests on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Representation of interests from the establishment of business (see the Business Registration section) to its liquidation at «Grand Realt»:


  • Preparation of the charter, articles of association, decisions of the owner, amendments to the charter.
  • Minutes of meetings of company members and other corporate documents.
  • Drafting of pretrial documents, contracts.
  • Writing a claim.
  • Debt collection.
  • Administrative procedures.
  • Competition in business.
  • Court representation in solving legal issues, including abroad.
  • Full legal protection and legal assistance.


«Grand Realt» lawyers provide qualified and effective representation of interests, support to businesses and protection of investors’ interest throughout Minsk, Belarus and abroad.

Представление интересов на территории РБ

Legal services and support in corporate law.

  • Preparation of corporate documents by «Grand Realt» lawyers: charter, decision of the founders (owner), minutes and other corporate documents of the firm.
  • Changes to existing corporate documents.
  • Documentation preparation to create and register and / or turnkey registration of LLC, IE support.
  • Registration of a representative office, branch.
  • Judicial representation for registration of legal entities created by foreign citizens or foreign legal entities, foreign investors.
  • Development of internal legal business documentation.

Labor law and migration to Belarus.

  • Judicial representation and foreign investors / citizens interests support under the auspices of «Grand Realt» for the documents’ preparation for business is possible as follows:


    • Legal support of temporary stay and temporary residence of non-Belarusian citizens.
    • Representation of interests in the employment of citizens from abroad.
    • Legal assistance to foreign persons in conducting business in the Republic of Belarus.
    • Preparation, maintenance of personnel documentation and records management, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs’ personnel outsourcing in Belarus.

Translations from / into foreign languages. Foreign Economic Activity law.

    • Drawing up a foreign economic agreement / contract.

    • Legal support of the transaction prior to the conclusion of the agreement / contract.

    • Extension of the completion terms for foreign exchange transactions.
    • Preparation of documents for obtaining permits and approvals from the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.
    • Representation of interests in legalization of any documents.
    • Legal support receiving humanitarian, gratuitous assistance, including foreign, legal management of other issues of currency control.

Representation in arbitration court and process.

Representation of interests and their protection for foreign citizens by «Grand Realt» in the Republic of Belarus is provided in the named directions:

      • Arbitration claims and statements.
      • Participation in arbitration litigation.
      • Consulting and other services connected with consideration of a claim in international arbitration bodies

Civil law.

Protection of investor interests and foreign business heads in Belarus is supported by «Grand Realt» and in part of a large list of issues related to civil law.

      • Business agreements / contracts in business of any complexity from scratch, construction, supply, production.
      • Rent, trade, services.
      • Licensed and much more, reviews of finished draft contracts.
      • Appendices to contracts, amendments and other consultations on contractual work.
      • Negotiations legal support.

Court documents litigation and drafting.

Court representation for full protection of investors’ interests, heads of joint ventures and representative offices of foreign companies in Belarus is important area of «Grand Realt» activity.

      • Claims.
      • Cases by order consideration applications.
      • Judicial representation on complaints.
      • Initiation of enforcement proceedings applications.
      • Application for recognition and enforcement of a foreign court decisions, for recognition of a court decision of Belarus abroad.
      • International arbitration court decision located in Belarus, on cancellation.
      • On the issuance of a court order for the enforcement of a decision of an international arbitration court in Belarus.
      • Court representation, legal support of economic disputes in courts of any part of Belarus at any complexity.


Protection of investors’ interests in Belarus remains the concern of lawyers or attorneys at «Grand Realt».


  • Preparation / review, legal support of investment agreements with Belarus and other investment agreements in business
  • Comprehensive support for the implementation of investment projects in business
  • Business plans’ development assistance for small and medium businesses
  • Administrative procedures
  • Approvals and certifications in construction
  • Registration of trademarks and service marks
  • Court presentation, lawyer support in matters of anti monopoly law or competition


Protection of investors interests by «Grand Realt».

  • Court representation if unfair competition detected, including those of the illegal use by an economic entity of a trade name, trademark / service mark, geo indication on trademarks, which doesn’t belong to it, including the right abuse to use intellectual property.
  • On the recognition of agreements between economic entities as restricting competition.
  • Losses compensation incurred as a result of actions that violate the anti monopoly legislation, challenging decisions of the anti monopoly authority.
  • Court presentation for debt collection cases abroad and other issues of foreign citizens.

Where can I get representation of interests in Belarus?

Judicial representation by «Grand Realt» provides protection of investors’ interests in Minsk and all over Belarus. Please get detailed per email: info@grandrealt.com or by calling us: +375447978585

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Our lawyers will help determine the optimal legal form of the business entity being created and accompany the entire procedure on a turnkey basis.