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Private business registration

Private business registration

Private business registration per foreigners with legal services the widest range in Belarus. Private companies registration provided in Minsk and Belarus for Belarusian and foreign citizens or companies. Here are some advises on the companies’ registration by «Grand Realt». Our company provides registration of turnkey LLCs and gives full assistance in preparing a documents package to company self-registration. Details read in this «Grand Realt» lawyers review.


Who can start a company?

Private company registration in Belarus can start both Belarus citizens and foreigners. As such a sort of Belarusian companies’ founders, both legal entities and personals can act.


Who can become an LLC company director?

The company director information should be indicated, before you submit papers package to register private limited company. There should be mentioned on how long that individual to be appointed. Who can / may be appointed to the limited liability company director’s position? Belarusian legislation doesn’t establish special individual requirements. When and if carrying out some licensed and certified activities types, then our republic legislation shows requirements to director’s specialized education. The private company registration for director / directors is permitted to appoint a citizen or group citizens from some CIS countries, and from Belarus itself. European Union and other countries citizens must have a first-priority permit making jobs in our country following to the established norms. Such permission can’t be issued before register Pvt Ltd company.


Location of the LLC and its legal address.

At the private company registration time, you must have a judicial address. To that aspect of a company establishing «Grand Realt» can also take care about. If your LLC plans to lease premises for a judicial address, then the potential landlord must oblige to issue you a letter of guarantee on the lease agreement conclusion. This you should do immediately after the Pvt Ltd company registration. Administrative premises can become the LLC legal address only.


The name for your LLC company form.

Your register Pvt Ltd company name must be individual and it must differ by at least two characters from the companies names were registered in our republic already. This name can’t contain the names parts of previously companies, which were registered. Your chosen name doesn’t admit containing the word Belarus. Anyways, there are no restrictions to use the following abbreviations: Bel, BLR, Minsk. Private company registration names with superlative words or positioning your LLC as a leader in a specific industry and activity field containing words: Best, First, Only, and so on, are absolutely restricted. Once your company name is selected and chosen, «Grand Realt» will go through to check out whether in the State Register database this name is detected. However, the coincidences’ absence in your desired LLC name on the single register site doesn’t guarantee that this name agreement. So keep a second name in reserve.


Restrictions on business activities.

Belarusian legislation warns about restrictions and limits to register private limited company. An LLC can’t be property owner, founder or participant.


Prohibitions and restrictions.

  • Crimes convictions against property (outstanding or unexpunged) and procedures for carrying out economic activities.
  • An unfulfilled court order that has gone into legal power to recover money and / or to foreclose on another property.
  • Executive notice on the collection from personals or taxes, fees, individual entrepreneurs or other penalties, compulsory insurance contributions arrears or / and to the state extra-budgetary monetary fund penalties, for Belarus social protection.
  • A foreign Pvt Ltd company registration applicant is the property owner, or he / she is a participant, or a commercial organization head, towards whom a decision is in prescript to liquidate but the process is not yet finalized.
  • At the time of private company registration, founder is the property owner or a participant. Or he / she is a legal entity head against whom there’s the economic court rule to open bankruptcy proceedings and prepare an economic insolvency or issued court proceedings on bankruptcy case.
  • If the company founder is a participant or owner at legal entity by the private company registration start days, or he / she is an individual entrepreneur. His or her debt is recognized as a bad debt and written off in legislative acts followed. Less than three years gone since exclusion period from the Belarus Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs Register.
  • An applicant owns property or its participant. Or he / she is the head of legal entity head being a debtor recognized as economically insolvent or bankrupt. Exclusion dates for the case from the Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs Unified State Register is less than one year.
  • Private limited company registration applicant owns property or its ownership participant. A commercial organization director listed in the commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs register with committing offenses in economic job field increased risk.


There are restrictions to state private company registration procedures in connection to the recognition of state registration invalid. Belarus legislation or country court hasn’t displayed on the state registration applying other limitations or restrictions.


Private company authorized capital.

To register private limited company of Belarus there’s no minimum statutory fund, including those having foreign owners. There are also no contributions terms maximum size from participants’ restrictions. Company statutory fund should complete in founding within one year after the foreign LLC registration. «Grand Realt» will consult you regarding authorized capital for private company registration minimum size.


Activities for foreign LLCs.

Private limited company in Belarus has legal base to create any type of activity, but strictly following National Classifier of the Republic of Belarus Number 005-2006 named Types of Economic Activity. Selected activities types must have licenses and allowed to company implementation after obtaining the required license only.


Where can you get private business registration?

Private company registration is represented as service in Minsk and the Republic of Belarus by «Grand Realt».

Please receive your personal consultation at email: info@grandrealt.com or dial to: +375447978585