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Penthouses for sale

Penthouses for sale

Penthouse for sale.

Penthouse for sale you buy in Minsk means literally being on top! This is the best that the real estate market of Belarus has to offer. The penthouse offers breathtaking views, great location, high ceilings, quality, modern finishes from leading designers and much more. And all this at «Grand Realt»!


Penthouse under the sky of Minsk.

Penthouse apartments for sale occupy the top floors in high-budget projects. At the same time, the sale of penthouses is carried out both in low-rise quarters of the capital of Belarus, and in high-rise buildings. Only from the top floors you can enjoy the fullness of the city’s charm: historic houses, architectural monuments, unique sights and lush green parks. City noise remains below and does not interfere with enjoying the beauty of the city.


Many of these luxury apartments for sale boast panoramic windows, which very often face four cardinal points. The space is filled with natural light most of the day. This gives additional volume and lightness to the premises, space for design ideas and experiments, and fills the house with positive emotions.


Penthouse prestige.

Almost always luxury apartments for sale on the top floors are sold with a terrace and / or access to the roof. These are the indisputable advantages:


  • You can invite guests and celebrate a family celebration with sparkle.
  • You can spend a quiet, cozy evening surrounded by the starry sky and the lights of the never sleeping capital city.
  • Possibility to plan the pool, winter garden and barbecue area.


Penthouse for sale is often offered in the most popular projects along with the following options:


  • Concierge service.
  • Underground parking.
  • Round the clock security.
  • Integrated control systems.
  • Own fitness center and more.


This type of housing provides the best views, space, and an exclusive level of comfort.


Very personalized accommodation.

Penthouses for sale are one-of-a-kind goods on the high-premium real estate market; there are usually only one or two such objects in elite club houses. The audience for this product is large business owners, top managers of companies and officials who purchase real estate for family. Considering many years of experience in communicating with clients and experience in the implementation of the most expensive properties in the capital’s elite market, «Grand Realt» formulated the main criteria for choosing a penthouse:


Species characteristics.

This is the key difference between the penthouse and other luxury housing formats and the main reason for properties popularity. Without them, a unique object loses its attractiveness and prestige.


Panoramic windows.

Large windows are one of the main advantages of the best located property.



Penthouse for sale must be isolated from other occupants and also have an enhanced security system. In premium projects, a card access system is provided, or an owner’s fingerprint recognition system. For the future owners of the penthouse, separate elevators are often provided that cannot be used by other residents of the house, or the ability for neighbors to go up to the floor with the penthouse is limited.


Access to the territory of the exploited roof or terrace can be from the owner of the penthouse and from other residents and the management company of the house. Some projects provide operators with access to penthouse terraces for window cleaning or other home maintenance work. The owner of a high-class property should be ready for this, or warned about the frequency of such visits.


Engineering equipment and communications.

In a premium-level house, engineering equipment and communications, as well as the quality of their installation, must correspond to the status of the object: there must be no noise, heat emissions and other inconveniences inside.


Construction quality.

If it is planned to equip a swimming pool, a helipad, or other special structures in a penthouse larger than the sale, then the design features of the house must be adapted to this. Find housing of this format with a ready finishing so that it meets the needs and tastes of future owners, very difficult. Penthouses without finishing and cheap penthouses for sale are very popular among discerning clients of «Grand Realt», where you can make repairs in accordance with your preferences, think over the space, entrusting the future home to the experience and talent of the designer, that is, to make a unique product even more unique.


Accommodation with a twist.

City penthouses for sale follow the emphasis is on the advantages of the location, panoramic views, the adjoining plot, that is, the exploited roof and the spacious terrace. High-status housing should be located above the surrounding development, which guarantees the owner great views. Penthouse is the buyer’s choice due to the exceptional specific characteristics of the apartment.


Penthouses for sale offer open panoramic areas with recreation or barbecue areas are the project highlight: among all the penthouses for sale, exactly half have their own terraces. A penthouse is primarily an element of prestige designed to underline your high. The space of penthouse for sale is designed with all the options required for a respectable home. The presence of an open terrace in the penthouse provides additional opportunities.


Especially individually.

The terrace, conservatory and landscaping on the roof are the undoubted competitive advantage of the penthouse and the subject of increased interest of buyers. Quite often, the best apartments are not put up for public sale at all. New penthouses for sale market is the most expensive in the Minsk real estate segment, and a number of transactions for their purchase and sale are held behind closed doors upon special request at «Grand Realt».


Both buyers and sellers are committed to maintaining strict confidentiality during the transaction. Only participants of purchase and sale transaction themselves and the «Grand Realt» managers have the true prices’ data. The best urban properties value is growing and will rise steadily. It’s just a matter of time. That is why «Grand Realt» experts boldly assert that a penthouse for sale in Minsk is an extremely profitable and long-term valuable investment.


Where can I find out penthouse for sale in Belarus?

Penthouses for sale in Minsk are widely represented at «Grand Realt» to provide only best options to buy penthouse in the capital city and in any part of the Republic of Belarus.

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