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New buildings for sale

New buildings for sale

New buildings for sale.

New homes for sale and housing improvement? Buyers of apartments in new buildings are driven by the desire to find a suitable option as soon as possible and to save as much as possible. It boils down to emotional and spontaneous decisions that lead to purchases of the wrong things. «Grand Realt» reviews about the most common mistakes buyers make when choosing a home in new builds in Belarus.


A hasty choice.

Haste leads to a rash purchase, as a rule, to the choice of the first object that comes across. This often happens if buyer hasn’t decided what exactly he needs before starting the search. It may turn out that a suitable home for sale is not affordable and you need to save up money, while other options are not suitable.


If you liked an apartment and it seems that it suits everyone, check out at least three other options in different new builds and Minsk city districts. Your «Grand Realt» agent will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Take a couple of days to think before you agree to a deal. Show your choice to friends or family. A fresh look from outside will help you see unnoticed plus or minus of the chosen home for sale.


What you need to pay attention to?

Completion dates and the availability of postponements, is the project problematic, is it being implemented under escrow accounts, the availability of commercial and non-residential real estate within the project and their number (parking, storage rooms, commercial premises). «Grand Realt» consultants are aware of each object. Study all the details with our lawyer. This is especially true when buying new housing developments: how it is spelled out in the contract, what options are indicated. It’s also necessary to study the developer’s reporting.


Viewing the apartment.

The mistake of new home for sale buyers is the neglect of personal visits to the building. If a new building has not yet been finished, this doesn’t mean there is nothing to look at. A personal presence at the developer’s sales office, together with your «Grand Realt» consultant, on or near the construction site, can help to complement and even change the experience.


Personal visit to the new building.

Carefully study what is there under the windows, find out the construction plans. If you plan to construct several more things in your new builds, «Grand Realt» will help you find out their location so that they don’t block the view from the windows.


Communication with the developer representatives will help to understand the seller’s customer focus. If access to the construction site is closed, you can always look around the area. If the project has finished new builds, «Grand Realt» will request the developer to show an apartment analogue in one of the completed phases. So you can assess the quality of the finishing of common areas, the improvement of the adjacent territories and even exchange a few words with the new settlers.


What else is important?

You must definitely come to the site where your new home for sale is located. This is necessary to assess the environment, for example, the old housing stock around the project, the availability of commercial infrastructure and its quality, and the project transport accessibility. You can arrange a visit to the construction site by ordering this service at «Grand Realt», especially if it is at the installation work stage. Visit the showroom if the project includes finishing.



How functional the layout of the new homes for sale is, depends on interior partitions configuration, number and placement of windows, shape of the premises, location of communications and entrance door. Look at the selected apartment parameters by residential and non-residential area.


Avoid disappointment.

  • Dimensions of premises. If on the apartment plan the developer has drawn much furniture to put in, this doesn’t mean that all this furniture will really fit there.
  • Shape of new build homes. The more “square” the room, the better it is. Rounded walls, sharp or obtuse corners, bay windows can create problems for design and furnishings.
  • Rational distribution of living and total area in the new build homes. Wide and long corridors with rooms’ small area. This is critical for panel houses, where, due to the presence of load-bearing walls, there may be no possibility of redevelopment at all.
  • Number and placement of window openings in the new construction homes. You can create different room configurations taking into account the windows location.
  • Availability of technical rooms: two bathrooms, a dressing room, a pantry, a loggia, a balcony or a terrace are desirable.


Number of storey.

Some choose new construction homes higher, others prefer lower floors. Buyers of homes on high floors want a magnificent view of Minsk. It is necessary to remember the species evolution prospects – another building or house can be built in front of them. New homes for sale on the upper floors is almost always more expensive.


Buyers of new housing developments on the lower floors are reminded by «Grand Realt» that in such apartments the natural light level is lower. Due to the proximity of the street, residents may be disturbed by noise. When an apartment is resold, its price will be low, especially on the ground and first floors.



In order not to be disappointed in buying an apartment in new build homes in the future, you should consider it as an investment. When buying, you need to study not only development of location prospects in terms of the appearance of new buildings, but also renovation – what wave of renovation this location gets, how long the construction will last in the immediate vicinity of your new build.


Three issue sides.

New housing developments should be viewed as an investment asset from three sides:


  • As a resale object.
  • As a rental property.
  • As a means of preserving capital.


An apartment in a new build can be quickly sold or rented out. For this, housing must be liquid. For the long term, it should be understood how much the owner plans to live in this apartment, how many people it is designed for, how the area and environment of the new build will change, and whether such housing is in demand on the market. It’s these factors that «Grand Realt» specialists take into account in their proposals, offering you options for purchasing new homes for sale.


Where can I get new homes for sale?

New construction homes in Minsk are widely represented at «Grand Realt» to provide only best options to buying a new home in Minsk and in any part of the Republic of Belarus.

Please be consulted more at email: info@grandrealt.com or call us: +375447978585