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Luxury properties for sale

Luxury properties for sale

Luxury properties

Luxury real estate, villas or apartments costs in this segment is much higher than average. A high price tag isn’t the main criterion for an elite home in Belarus. Sometimes buyers don’t know what luxury property is like. More about this in the «Grand Realt» experts review.


Prestigious real estate main factors.

Houses, villas and luxury apartments and other properties can also be secondary housing. The elite building qualities are influenced by its architecture with features of interior and facade design, prestigious location, area, layout, developed infrastructure and other features.


Luxury real estate classification:

  • Comfort. These are housing with an improved layout in the city center or in prestigious villages outside the city. Their price is 15-20% higher than the cost of standard apartments.
  • Business Class. These are housing in high-rise buildings located in the business districts of the city. Such buildings attract maximum attention due to modern architecture and are often erected according to the author’s design in a single copy. To buy a property in such a skyscraper and not overpay too much, you need to consult «Grand Realt».
  • Deluxe. Buildings are located both in the city and beyond. The peculiarity of the buildings is low number of story and expensive finishing. Mostly natural materials are used.
  • Premium. Buildings of this type combine the advantages of all the previous ones, but have additional features, a large adjoining territory, on which there are flower beds, fountains, parks, gardens and other delights of country residences.


Subtleties when choosing luxury real estate:

  • Original architecture. In most cases, the luxury property purchase is done not only for comfortable living purposes, such a house emphasizes the owner status, her / his social position and prosperity.
  • Housing and land area. Peculiarity of prestigious cottage or apartment buying is that the living area can’t be less than 150 m2. Expensive apartments easily occupy 500 m2 and this is far from the limit.
  • Building quality, comfort. In 99% buyers turn to «Grand Realt» to assistance, and our specialist, knowing the intricacies of building luxury real estate, checks all technical housing equipment, the reliability of structures and engineering communications.
  • Inspection of infrastructure. Prestigious villages and regions in Belarus have their own shops, clubs, kindergartens and gyms, medical centers and other facilities for a comfortable life.


Land plot.

The adjacent real estate space should be well-groomed. If this is a premium class object in prestigious village of Belarus, then pay attention to the presence of a park area, gazebos, baths and other objects, depending on the cottage price and the allotment area.


Safe purchase of luxury real estate.

There are serious sums in luxury property deals, so it is risky to independently check the proposed housing. The specialists of «Grand Realt» help to securely conclude your buy and sale transaction.


Selection criteria for luxury real estate.

Before buying luxury real estate, get an objective assessment on elite real estate market in Belarus at «Grand Realt»:


  • Performing cost analysis of new projects on respective markets.
  • Presentation of objects related to elite quality.
  • Obtaining advice from leading experts in the luxury real estate field at «Grand Realt».
  • Consultations with representatives of banking organizations on mortgage programs.


International real estate sales in Minsk began to reach a completely new level. According to the needs of buyers, luxury property sector can change.


High ratings of housing are formed as follows:

  • Penthouses located in the city center.
  • Cottages located in the Minsk region, but near the city.


Luxury real estate offers a wide range of housing options for every taste:


  • Objects of real estate in the center of Minsk, characterized by their luxury.
  • New residential buildings that were built using modern technological solutions or restored to the state of new houses, preserving the historical heritage.
  • Club-type houses with classic interiors, implementation of modern styles, exclusive design ideas and so on.
  • Elite class real estate objects designed to ensure the working process (office premises, workshops and sewing ateliers).


It’s important to understand that in order to ensure a comfortable stay, a luxury property, villa or house must meet a number of criteria aimed at ensuring the most comfortable stay.


Luxury real estate features.

Prestigious real estate includes properties that have certain characteristics:


  • Objects located outside the city limits, but at the same time, close to its borders and having the status of a cottage or townhouse.
  • Buildings of a fashionable type, which are surrounded by similar buildings.
  • Housing in areas where famous personalities (politicians, musicians, athletes) live.
  • Objects in ecologically clean areas.
  • Objects built on the basis of individually designed projects, with unique architectural solutions and meeting the requirements of even the pickiest buyers.
  • Real estate objects with a well-thought-out layout and characterized by functionality.


Today, various companies that have a good reputation at the Belarusian elite market may be engaged in the design and construction of elite class real estate. Environmentally friendly materials are used in projects. Developers offer the purchase of luxury properties through «Grand Realt» on improved security ways. In particular, we are talking about a fenced-in area, organized security, and so on.


Interaction with «Grand Realt».

By visiting «Grand Realt», you can find out everything about luxury real estate in Minsk and Belarus, which is in high demand both among the country citizens and among those who are just planning to move to their international place of residence in Belarus. With the «Grand Realt» support, while communicating with employees of real estate companies, discuss various innovative solutions implemented in such housing, promising real estate objects, special offers and other special conditions. «Grand Realt» will be able, together with you, to choose the housing option that fully meets your requirements and will successfully emphasize your status and reputation.


How can you purchase real estate in Belarus?

Luxury real estate at «Grand Realt» is one of the most important cooperation sections that offer unique abilities to buy real estate properties in Minsk and all over the Republic of Belarus. Get more details per email: info@grandrealt.com or make a call: +375447978585