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Legal support of investment activities

Legal support of business or single transactions

Legal support of business or single transactions is a must in very business. «Grand Realt» offers outsourcing legal support for business and single transactions. Experts advise using one-time escort services. The cost of outside specialists can save up to 60-70% on annual legal support.

Юридическое сопровождение инвестиционной деятельности

Legal support of business or single transactions

Both individuals and legal entities resort to the lawyers help for a single legal support, for example, real estate transactions in Belarus, especially when it comes to large investments. Expertise and draw up of a sale and purchase agreement, donation or exchange, register transaction. A well-drafted contract guarantees stability and success. The agreement will protect the company interests.

After concluding contract with «Grand Realt».

Legal support of business doesn’t end with the contract signing. The need to monitor compliance with the contract falls on lawyers’ shoulders. Not all counterparties are ready to fulfill their obligations impeccably. In negotiation and claim stages of relationships, you can’t act without help of a «Grand Realt» lawyer.

Our lawyers set themselves the task of preventing extreme measures, such as lawsuits and enforcement proceedings. Our lawyer will help you achieve a positive result in a short time.

If a client periodically has a single need for legal support and advice, «Grand Realt» provides constant business support.

Subscriber legal support.

Business support and single transactions support, minimizing risks of their conduct, successful operation and insurance. Concluding an agreement with «Grand Realt», you get a team of professionals at your disposal, which assumes consulting employees on all issues, control over the company’s document flow and implementation of any measures to protect your business. You may not be afraid of controlled authorities or counterparties. «Grand Realt» helps a businessman save money, nerves and time. Our team, if necessary, will represent interests of a client in court.

«Grand Realt» also offers a time-based rate: you pay for the shifts or hours of a lawyer without hiring a lawyer.

What exactly we do?

Legal support services and single transaction may include:

  • Advise on legal issues
  • Represent your interests in government agencies
  • We come for a prompt solution of the issue
  • We take part in negotiations, economic disputes
  • We carry out analysis, legal assessment of the contract, transaction and prepare papers
  • Check documents for compliance with legal requirements
  • We develop labor agreements and contracts for your employees

List of actions depends on the specific organization and is quite large.

Contractual support.

Legal support of business and single transaction includes:


  • Preparation of documents
  • Drafting agreements
  • Participation in negotiations with contractors
  • Reviewing contracts to identify conditions that are contrary to the interests of the client
  • Legal analysis of the project
  • Writing business letters
  • Handling claims


«Grand Realt» will protect the parties from the following risks:


  • Imposition of tax, judicial, economic sanctions
  • Recognition of the contract as invalid or not concluded
  • Inability to protect interests in court


Legal support for business:


  • Checking the financial information of the counterparty
  • Risk assessment and research on ways to minimize
  • Analysis of the current legislation, judicial, arbitration practice under similar agreements
  • Consideration, analysis and prevention of possible tax risks and consequences assistance in pre-trial settlement of disputes
  • Interaction with government agencies, tax service in case of need arises
  • Preparation and filing of claims
  • Representation in government agencies on business issues
  • Representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction


Legal support for registration, liquidation of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs:


  • Preparation of documents for LLC state registration or individual entrepreneur
  • Representation in government agencies, notaries, banks when creating and registering legal entities or individual entrepreneurs
  • Amendments to constituent documents
  • Change of name, legal address, CEO
  • Liquidation of legal entities and closure of individual entrepreneurs

Legal outsourcing.

The advantage of legal support for business and single transactions is the ability to recover outsourcing costs from the counterparty in court proceedings. To fully service the transaction, you need to know the accounting and tax details, in which case the best option would be to contact «Grand Realt». Accountants and lawyers will provide a range of related services for legal support for business.

Legal support in buying and selling a business.

Legal support for business purchase transaction begins with collection of information and a thorough analysis of activities. If you do not want to open an LLC from scratch, it is better to spend money. After assessing the situation, a business sale and purchase scheme is developed. The lawyer draws up a preliminary agreement, taking into account interests of the parties. A party buying an indoor business on a lease basis needs to pay attention to its terms. The lawyer will suggest paying special attention.

Business purchase registration.

There are several ways to formalize the transfer of business rights in Belarus. Obligations under contracts (including franchise rights), debts – are transferred to the buyer under an assignment agreement. For the business seller, the sale and purchase transaction also carries risks. The buyer has the right to file a claim for termination of the contract and the return of the money paid. The seller can lose it all.

«Grand Realt» provides comprehensive support. Lawyers, accountants, auditors have vast experience. For small Belarusian companies and individual entrepreneurs, we recommend ordering one-time support services. This will reduce the annual costs of an internal specialist by up to 65%.

What are your benefits?

You save. Pay for «Grand Realt» legal support for our work: transactions carried out, certified documents, problems solved. We don’t waste your money on procedures that will not bring results. We are focused on long-term relationships. Lawyers, accountants, auditors and psychologists will work with you.

Where can I get legal support of business?

Transaction support at «Grand Realt» at its best in Minsk and all over of the Republic of Belarus. Kindly take detailed advice per email: info@grandrealt.com or by calling us: +375447978585

The company “Grand Realt” is ready to provide full legal support in the organization of investment activities in the Republic of Belarus.

Including when:


Сreation of commercial enterprises in Belarus


The conclusion and execution of investment projects and contracts


Participation in auctions and competitions


Interactions with various government agencies

Advantages of working with Grand Realt




Individual approach


Focus on results


Impeccable reputation


Absolute confidentiality

Сontact Us

Our lawyers offer legal support services on a subscription service basis, as well as under one-time contracts. We help to solve all legal issues arising in the course of economic activity, we provide professional legal assistance.