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Legal support for IT business

Legal support for IT business

Development of Belarus IT services raises many legal issues related to relationships with customers and partners, employees and business founders, and other subjects of an IT company interaction. What does «Grand Realt» offer in terms of IT support?


Legal assistance and IT support at «Grand Realt»

  • Legal audit of software products.
  • Preparation of contracts for product development.
  • Development of licensing agreements for product development.
  • Preparation of confidentiality agreements and non-competition agreements.
  • Development of agreements on the alienation of intellectual property objects.
  • Assistance in negotiations with customers, investors, developers.
  • Small business IT support in your Internet service.
  • Development of a user agreement.
  • Consulting on intellectual property issues on the Internet.


Legal audit

This procedure will find out to what extent rights to product of an IT company are protected, whether the legislation rights of Belarus in field of intellectual property protection are observed, whether rights of third parties aren’t violated. We investigate potential weaknesses in software licensing. Legal audit of IT business reduces property, reputational, technological and financial risks. Support for IT allows you to analyze whether interests of IT Company are well protected, to prepare a plan of steps to optimize product of IT support.


Product development contracts

IT company needs to conclude an agreement with developers to create a service work. This regulates rights and obligations of parties in development of software products, design solutions, articles, musical accompaniment, etc. The service author work retains right of authorship, right to a name, to inviolability. Right to publish the work belongs to employer. Property rights imply a complete transfer to the employer.


License agreement

Copyright holder or developer from IT need to protect software from illegal distribution by granting use rights to certain individuals or companies. The license agreement specifies nuances of software using. This is validity period of license and IT support, number of users, ability to transfer the program to third parties, modify, upgrade to fit own needs.


Non-Competition Agreement

Business IT support includes, if a valuable employee goes to work for IT competitor, there is an option not to let him leave by signing a non-competition agreement. Agreements have a positive judicial practice. The agreement clearly stipulates the amount of annual compensation. Period of validity, territory to which the document applies are also agreed.


Alienation agreement

A certain unique work in literature, art or science, as well as a software product, is subject to the exclusive right of the copyright holder, the support IT subject. If copyright holder decided to transfer his right for use at his own discretion, it’s necessary to conclude an agreement. In the contract, copyright holder changes, and acquirer becomes the sole rights owner.


Negotiations with customers in the IT field

It’s important for «Grand Realt» to profitably represent your IT Company, to make support for IT, to convince the customer that your project will be completed on time and in full compliance with reference terms. Volume of financing, terms of development, testing and support, guarantees of parties, conditions of early contract termination are discussed, too.


Negotiations with investors in the IT sector

Investments allow you to get money for IT projects implementation. «Grand Realt» can convince the investor to small business IT support that the program, hardware and software complex, IT-product has great potential, will become popular and in demand in market, bringing profit to company and investor. Project implementation term, amount of financing, division of rights to the product, when it’s ready, conditions for the cooperation termination, return on investment are discussed, too.


Negotiations with IT technology developers

«Grand Realt» communicates the customer / investor wishes, discussing technical aspects of product implementation, and timing of project. Aspects of negotiations are amount of funding, number of specialists, confidentiality regime, timing of implementation for terms of reference and explanations to it.


Legal business IT support

Doing IT business involves solving legal issues. In frames of IT support services we provide registration of documents and business transactions, hiring employees, preparation of reports to the tax office.


Terms of use

End-user license agreement is an adherence agreement between the website owner or the software product copyright holder and users. It’s a simple and effective way to support IT, to protect rights to software, content and site content. Contract is used by IT companies to regulate relationship between IT service and users. When it’s necessary:


  • Paid software.
  • Resources with custom content.
  • Online stores and other sites.


IT business support of intellectual property objects

  • Albums and individual songs of musicians, concert recordings, audio books, phonograms.
  • Feature films and documentaries, TV shows, serials, shows, clips, videos.
  • Electronic fiction, educational, scientific literature, instructions, manuals, articles.
  • Photos, drawings, paintings.
  • Programs, games, applications for mobile devices, operating systems, databases, source code.
  • Results of scientific research.
  • Drawings, models, inventions, know-how, industrial designs.
  • Slogans, trademarks, logos, emblems, corporate identity.


Protection of intellectual property

Author or copyright holder can use legal means:


  • An indication that the object is protected by copyright, with a link to copyright holder.
  • User agreement section that indicates the site content protected by copyright. Terms of use and distribution.
  • Intellectual property objects registration as business IT support. Patents, certificates and other documents for authorship and ownership.


Litigation at «Grand Realt» for IT support companies

IT property litigation success depends on competence of your IT business representative. Along with procedural legislation knowledge, it’s necessary to understand the essence of disputable situation correctly. Understanding on the «Grand Realt» part of IT company specifics, and rules of operating, increases support for IT and chances of win.


How to get IT support services?

IT business support in Belarus at its best at «Grand Realt». Kindly drop your questions per email: info@grandrealt.com or dial: +375447978585