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Business registration

Business registration

Business registration is the way to get rich, expand your potential, share skills, and create the right product in the marketplace in Belarus. Small business registration by «Grand Realt» is the thing to tell you.

Регистрация бизнеса

Who can be the founder?

  • Foreign citizens and legal entities can be founders of Belarusian companies. If there are several founders, then only a society can be accepted to register in Belarus (LLC or CJSC). If there is only one founder, it can be created as a company with one participant (LLC) or a unitary enterprise (PUE). To register a business in Belarus for various companies different forms for documents are requested.


  • One member companies can be approved as a private unitary enterprise. It’s possible to register an LLC with one participant, too. Enterprises of two or more participants must register a business company. Most common among them either company of closed joint stock or company of limited liability.

Legal address for business.

Business should indicate its legal address in the constituent papers before the registration time. Territorial executive committee carries out registration at the place of legal address. Company legal address of LLC and CJSC is given for non-residential premises only. Address of a private unitary enterprise can be both founders’ non-residential and residential premises.

Naming of business.

Founder’s facial presence or by notarized power of attorney to «Grand Realt» to register the company required, so the name to agree. Belarusian company registration system takes name approval as prior action.

Enterprise leader

A minimum size of authorized capital is not established by the Republic of Belarus legislation. There can be a multiple of the minimum banknote of the Republic of Belarus which is 1 Belarusian ruble as well. The formation of the authorized capital term is 1 year after the state registration date. Prior to opening a current account, appoint a chief accountant. «Grand Realt» can recommend a reliable accounting company. Their services expense vary depending on the responsibilities scope, and directly negotiated.

The state fee payment.

Registration of a Private Unitary Enterprise in Belarus, as well as another forms legal entity, cannot be made without paying a fee. You will be notified of its sums by «Grand Realt».

Translate documents from foreign language.

That must be done by foreign citizens or foreign companies registering business in Belarus. Translation must be completed into one of the Belorussia’s national languages, which are Russian or Belarusian. That translated paper package is subject to notarization.

State registration documents submission.

Submission of papers to the registration authority is the final step for the legal entity. After passing it, a company is already considered registered. To speed up company registration, lawyers of «Grand Realt» represent foreign citizens or companies interests, by power of attorney.

Register shares (if CJSC).

Registration of a Closed Joint Stock Company should be completed by filing an application at the Securities Committee for the shares issue. After opening, all participants of the LLC may take right to conclude an agreement between themselves on the exercise of the participants’ rights, and the CJSC shareholders — agreement between them. All company owners may restrict each other in rights upon the certain conditions’ occurrence.

Documents to register a company in Belarus.

From foreign citizenship founders:

  • Founder’s passport verified copy, by a notar
  • Power of attorney from notary to make a company
Power of attorney and passport copy should be certified by any notary. Usually, legalization is also required, for example, affixing an apostle. Personal presence when registering a business is not required.

 Founders from non-belarussian legal entities:

  • Register of companies extract. Commercial register extract in original or notarized copy. Attach other registration of company confirmation certificate. The current and valid status is required. Issue day of document required no earlier than 1 year before the application moment for state registration in Belarus.
  • Handling verified power of attorney to «Grand Realt» specialists, you authorize us to register a company in Belorussia. We provide can provide power of attorney text sample. Following the issuing country legislation rules, such sort of documents must go through legalization. The fact of legalization is confirmed by an apostle. Personal presence is not required when opening a company. You will be enough sending the original of the notary power of attorney to our address per mail.

From Director’s side:

In Belarus any citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan may be appointed company director. For appointment, citizens of the said above countries need a scanned passport copy (with Russian translation), a contact phone number and personal presence when opening a bank account.

  • If appointing a foreign citizen as company director, in addition to the mentioned above countries, one must first obtain a work permit in the Republic of Belarus.


It’s impossible to obtain a work permit before registering a company. First register a business with a director who does not need a work permit. Only then you may apply for a work permit of a foreign citizen. Belarusian legislation doesn’t establish requirements for persons who will be appointed to the company director’s post. In implementation of some licensed or certified activity types, Belarusian legislation contains requirements for the leader’s special education. In other cases, it may be any capable individual.

Where can I register a business?

Register a business or register a business name at «Grand Realt» in Minsk and all over of the Republic of Belarus.

Kindly take detailed advice at email: info@grandrealt.com or by calling us: +375447978585

Registration of a private unitary enterprise (PUE)

Registration of a limited liability company (LLC)

Registration of a company with additional liability (ALC)

Registration of a closed joint stock company (CJSC)

Registration of other legal entities and entrepreneurs

Our main mission

Our main task is legal support of the interests of our Clients. In our activities, we are guided solely by the interests of the client and fulfill our commitments within the stipulated time frame. Turning to us, you can count on qualified legal assistance in the field of commercial law. Responsibility and rejection of standardized approaches, the desire to bring maximum benefit to customers and working with full dedication is the basis of the corporate policy of Grand Realty LLC.

Сontact form

Our lawyers will help determine the optimal legal form of the business entity being created and accompany the entire procedure on a turnkey basis.