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Houses for sale

Houses for sale

Buying homes for sale in Minsk Belarusremains a meaning investment actionwhen you start a private life. The «Grand Realt» сompany can give some tips how to invest propertyin Belarus correctly.


Belarusian dream home.

Buy house in Minskproperly.


  • Control your budget. Createthe expenses list.Calculate in summary. This method resultsto meet a lower amount and stick.
  • Pay off your debts. Every buyer has difficulties, but it is better to be financially independent. Remember your goal is to buy a house.
  • Make savings. Tobuy a house, sometimes requiresgiving an advance. You may have to pay an initial deposit, as well as an inspection fee. Financesto close probably required, too.
  • Pay all scheduled loans. Pay all bills at the proper times only. Any diligent payer attracts favor.
  • Control of every step of yours makes you insurance.


Planning to buy house in Belarustakes some effort and time. As a result there comesthe value when a dream house in Minsk or in another Belarusian region is there with you. Hire a qualified real estate agent buying a home in Belarus. «Grand Realt» cares of your interests at the negotiating table. A qualified specialist will take over transaction course activities control. This way you can choose a suitable home from our offers safely.


Searching a dream home.

To buy houses in Minsk and Belarus in assistance of «Grand Realt» means to discuss any preferences and to get a mind of what kind of home you want. A recompiled list of the selected variants makes it easier. This indicatesall advantages and characteristics. Explain us requires and final targets.


  • Indicate the mandatory requirements of the future housing: location, maximum price, number of rooms, etc.
  • Mention the search options. Notify whethera pool or a modern kitchen or a basement needed, for example.


How to buy a house in Minsk, Belarus?

Houses in Belarus at «Grand Realt’s» property sales offers in a variety. Focusing on the necessary parameters, our agent will start looking for the necessary opportunity, regularly sending information. Advertisements for the houses for sale in Belarus at the «Grand Realt» site contain object photographs, price calculation, location and advantages.


After carefulstudy the proposed options, select just what you prefermost. Think whether you’re ready to go watching the property. Not every house for sale on offer will ideally meet all the requirements. Sometimes it is worth considering those options that you did not find interesting at first. But overall it’s worth sticking to your requirements.


If you are of hard in thoughts the option won’t work on you, stop waste time on it. Inspect the chosen house. Select the desired and unique options only. The «Grand Realt» agent will arrange inspections to the houses for sale. Clarify all in details, even the most insignificant ones. Making cosmetic changes sounds not an issue, for example. Concentrate full attention on layout, size, location,building condition. We will provide you a seller’s document that tellsregarding all smallest details, from layout to any problems detected and the repairs carried out.


Stepping to the goalto buy the house, go through the papers carefully: this way you can understand whether repairs and general payments and feesare hanging on buyer’s shoulders.


Finalofproperty deed.

Imagine the dayyour dream property found. A «Grand Realt» specialist will draw up either a sales contract or a formal offer to purchase the selected property. The form includes the sale price, transaction dayand information about personal financial statement, time to conduct a home check and prepare the title deed. That document displays allocation of the closing costs in the property sale transaction.


When the seller agrees to sell the house, start negotiating the contract points, eventually reaching a mutual agreement. While negotiations on to buy house in Minsk, «Grand Realt» is there to serve. Be ready to payfor the desirable propertyat a realistic price. Whatever suggestions you get, show your best side.


Check your home investment.

Conclusion of the housing commission held by «Grand Realt» must show it’s good. All pointsshould display order with the house for sale. This document means transaction is safe. Ask our agent what checks the object needs; we have acompanies’list which we recommend to co-work with. After all, there will be a report on the shortcomings of the house and elimination recommendations represented. If the buyer doesn’t like something, take right to the deal cancellation. Otherwise, the buyer will need to decide with the seller which of two sides bear the repairs cost.


Can I take loan to purchase?

Belarus houses for sale sometimes require financial assistance to buy a home. One should fill out a loan application. It takes timeuntil approval. Following specialists may be involved into process:


  • Lending Manager. He reviews applicant’s financial situation, helps to decide on the loan program sort and advises when filling out a loan application.
  • Financial inspector. Gathers the necessary documents to verify the information specified in your application, and gives them for consideration to the underwriter.
  • Underwriter. Approves or refuses acceptance of loan to buy a housebased on information about applicant’s assets, debts, and credit history and work activities.
  • Appraiser. He checks whether the property is valued correctly, according to the real estate market current stand.


In buying a home process, loan achieving seems to be the longest step. If your target isfinishing the movements quickly, you may provide all the necessary information as quickly as possible and avoid any major expenses during the loan application consideration. For example, avoid purchasing of furniture andhome equipmentuntil the requested approval granted.


House purchase transaction final.

Imagine the loanrequested to buy housereceived, take a look forward to finalizing the deed. On the contract conclusion day, the client and the «Grand Realt» agent meet at the property again.  Final look must bringsatisfaction with conditions. From this moment until your new Belarusian house keys received, it brings away exactly as long as it’s necessary to sign the documents and transfer the agreed amount.


Where can I buy house for sale in Belarus?

Houses for sale are widely represented at «Grand Realt» toprovide only best options to buy house for sale in Minsk and in any part of the Republic of Belarus.

Kindly be consulted more at email: info@grandrealt.comor call us: +375447978585