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Houses for rent

Houses for rent


Houses for rent in Belarus is easier than you can suppose if you are served by «Grand Realt»! Specialists of our company will tell you about all the specifics of Belarus house for rent in details.


What do the law letters say?


Special rules and regulations apply to Belarus house for rent. Under a rental agreement, the house owner transfers the house to the tenant to residence for a specified period and for a fee. The tenant owns the rented home for a specified period and for a fee. Ownership does not pass to him, which means that the tenant can’t dispose of this house.


How to formalize the parties’ relationship?


Legal relations between the parties are formalized by a house lease agreement, which is concluded in writing with subsequent registration with the executive committee, if the house is the property of the lessor or in the housing office. Notarization and registration with the tax authorities are associated with the calculation and withholding of tax on income received from the lease of house.


Subject of the house lease agreement.


The subject of the contract is the house. Cheap houses for rent provide premises that are not intended for living (for example, basements), as well as utility rooms (kitchen, corridor, storeroom) can’t be an independent subject of a house lease agreement.


Contract provisions.


A house lease agreement must contain instructions on the lease term; determine the rights and obligations of the parties. The rental agreement parties can be both foreign individuals and legal entities. But the latter can rent houses only for individuals to live in it. If a foreign company intends to Belarus houses for rent, then the target use should only be the accommodation of employees, not an office location.


Property issues.


The right to lease the house belongs only to the owner. Before you find houses for rent and conclude a lease agreement, it is advisable to consult at «Grand Realt» with the house title deed. In most cases, this is a sales contract (exchange, gift) or a certificate of ownership.


Change of the house ownership.


In the owner change event oat, the rented house, all the rights and obligations of the lessor are transferred to the new owner. Alienation of a house for rent is not a ground for termination of a lease agreement, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.


Terms of the lease agreement.


House for rent rules remain in effect until the expiration date. If the lease agreement is concluded without specifying a term, then the new homeowner has the right to demand its termination. For example, if a dwelling is necessary for himself to live. In this case, the house owner is obliged to notify the tenant three months before the contract termination. A rental agreement can be concluded for a specific period or without specifying the lease term.


Rights and obligations of the contract parties.


The period during which the landlord is obliged to transfer the small house for rent to the tenant is specified. If the lessor doesn’t transfer the house on time, the lessee has the right to demand from the lessor the property transfer and compensation for losses caused by the delay, or to withdraw from the lease agreement and demand compensation.


The main tenant’s responsibilities.


  • Use the rented house for its intended purpose, for the residence of individuals.
  • Do not make any renovations or redevelopment of the home without the consent of the landlord.
  • Pay rent on time.


The law also provides for such rights of the tenant of the house as:


  • The right to bring other persons into the house for permanent or temporary residence in it.
  • The right to sublet rented housing.
  • At any time, terminate the rental agreement with three months’ written notice to the landlord.
  • Withdraw from the rental agreement if the home has become unsuitable for living in it.


The Belarus law provides for a tenant with preferential rights to conclude a lease agreement for small houses for rent for a new term or to purchase the lease agreement subject, if sold. In case of buying a house, the owner must inform the tenant about the house sale.


Responsibilities for home renovation.


The tenant must carry out the maintenance of the rented house. The obligation to carry out major repairs falls on the lessor. Both parties can distribute the responsibilities for home renovation in a respective way. Any improvements to the house for rent are recommended to be carried out with the landlord consent. In this case the tenant has the right to reimbursement of costs or offset their cost against the rent.


House for rent payments.


The parties should agree on the amount and frequency of the rent payment, which is fixed by the «Grand Realt» employee in written. A unilateral change in the rent amount is unacceptable. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the utilities payment isn’t included in the rent. Such services are billed and all responsibility for paying them falls on the renter shoulders.


Contract termination.


Home for rent time finishes at the end of the lease term, but it can be renewed by mutual agreement. The tenant has the right to abandon the house at any time, while he must obtain the consent of the persons living with him, and notify the landlord and the «Grand Realt» employee about this in writing 3 months in advance.


  • If the tenant vacates the house for rent without warning the landlord, the latter has the right to demand the tenant to pay rent.
  • Termination of the lease of a house at the request of the landlord is possible by a court order or if the house is necessary for the landlord to live.
  • By court order, the contract can be terminated if the tenant fails to pay the rent, or the tenant breaks or damages the house.
  • Early termination of the house lease agreement at the initiative of the lessor is possible with the consent of the lessee.


Other conditions.


In the house lease agreement, it is recommended to specify in detail the items’ list transferred with the house for rent to use. Record the meter readings at the time the house is rented out.

It’s important to stipulate in the contract the opportunity conditions to visit the house being rented out, for example, once every six months, having previously informed the person the day before the intended visit. The frequency of visits and the notification procedure depends on the mutual consent of the parties.


Where can I find houses for rent?


Houses for rent in Minsk are widely represented at «Grand Realt» to provide you only best options to tiny house for rent in Minsk and all over the Republic of Belarus.

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