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Car wash in Soligorsk

The car wash for 4 posts, 3 high-pressure apparatuses is on sale, the centralized systems of drawing wax and a predv are installed. chemistry, 5 foam generators.

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Buying a beauty salon in Minsk is a great investment idea if you don’t want to start a business from scratch. The «Grand Realt» Company based in Minsk will explain to you how to buy a ready-made business of this type in Belarus correctly.


How to buy a beauty salon in Belarus?

Before deciding to buy a ready-made beauty salon, evaluate its profitability and find out how much return on investment you will receive. It is worth understanding the real revenue on the basis of the accounting document. It reflects the income and expense of finance. This will give you the company’s average check and average daily revenue. You can request such data from at the «Grand Realt» Company. We study the economic condition of the beauty salons offered for sale carefully. Ask your consultant at «Grand Realt» for a bank statement about the online cash flow of the beauty salon you are interested in. So you will see the real income and expense of non-cash funds.


We consult on the reasons for the sale of beauty salons

Feel free to ask «Grand Realt» about the reason for selling the salon. We are always aware of this. Consider investment from all sides. We will advise you on the financial and economic state activities of the beauty salon. If you are satisfied, make a purchasing decision.

With a competent advertising campaign, well-built sales, a quality product and a good offer, you will quickly become the leader. At every step of your start after the deed, our consultants at «Grand Realt», Minsk will advise and accompany your business in the beauty industry.


Together we can handle any problem

Beauty salons for sale in Belarus are almost impossible to buy as ready-made beauty salon without any flaws. «Grand Realt» offers you just a few tips when you buy a beauty salon:


  • Good location is important. If the salon is situated in an impassable location or is surrounded by successful competitors, then you should think about the products exclusivity and about its quality advertising.


  • The quality of the repair. Tasteless finishes, odors and noises, faded light, an old bathroom with no hot water, a weak power grid. These shortcomings can be easily corrected if you are aiming for success.


  • Licenses in salons for therapeutic services. The licensing procedure for this business type in Belarus requires time and financial investment. Therefore, many investors prefer to buy a ready-made beauty salon. If the company has all the necessary documents already, you do not need to engage in bureaucratic red tape.


  • The beauty salon is sold with all equipment and furniture. This property will generate income. The documents that will be prepared and checked by «Grand Realt» specialists will state that everything in the salon remains on its balance sheet. So chairs, mirrors and hair dryers will not leave with the previous owner. Now you are the owner and you don’t need to purchase and install equipment yourself. We will keep an eye that everything is ready for work.


  • Make sure by asking «Grand Realt» whether the rent payment is fine. Pay attention to the utility bills amounts.


  • When buying a beauty salon, we check all fines for you. You won’t be burdened with rent and utility bills, debts to suppliers and banks, unpaid salaries and accountant errors. We minimize all risks by offering you only proven beauty salons in Minsk and in the Republic of Belarus.


Staff. New or previous?

Business is not easy to come as a new boss is established. For example, the team has relatives or friends to the previous owner.

But the opposite situation is also possible. You fire the former team. Along with them regular customers leave, these brought great profits to the salon. Finding new staff takes a lot of time and money. When buying a ready-made beauty salon, approach the question of personnel carefully. These people will make your business successful and their quality services are your most valuable asset. Don’t forget to take care of them: pay decent salary on time and provide good working conditions.


Buy a beauty salon correctly

Check and complete the documents carefully. The smallest legal error will cost you a lot of time, money and hassle. But there are no unsolvable problems for the experienced specialists at the «Grand Realt»!


What you should pay attention to:

  • Lease agreement. Find out with our company who owns the commercial space, for how long it is leasing, whether the conditions will remain the same when the beauty salon owner changes.


  • Statutory and constituent documents. At «Grand Realt» we test them thoroughly. Make sure they comply with current legislation. Find out from our consultants how many participants are in a legal entity, get their consent to alienate a share in order to understand who owns the beauty salon clearly.


  • Availability of a license. This document is needed if the salon plans to provide services of a nutritionist, cosmetologist, massage, hair and beauty, etc.


  • Documents for equipment. It’s your guarantee the previous owner won’t take the tools with him. If the equipment is new and under warranty, you can have it repaired or exchanged by the manufacturer for free if a warranty case occurs.


  • Internal documentation. A thing that makes life easier for the beauty salon new owner. Typically, this is a customer record journal with their individual cards, daily administrator reports, a form taking into account consumables for each master in the salon, a cashier-operator’s journal, a service register, a shop window sales register. These and other documents can be transferred into electronic format.


  • Compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. These are the norms for the placement, arrangement, equipment, maintenance and operation of public utilities organizations that provide hairdressing and cosmetic beauty services.


  • Purchase and sale agreement. It will be drafted by competent lawyers at the «Grand Realt» company. Take into account such things as the alienation of the share of other participants of the salon co-owners, the prohibition on selling to third parties, and also, if the previous owner is married, the notarized consent of the spouse to complete the transaction. After the purchase and sale agreement conclusion, we will help to reissue all agreements with the salon counter parties to your legal entity.


Where can you buy a beauty salon?

For sale and for buy operations at «Grand Realt» will help you choose the best option for a beauty salon in Minsk and all over of the Republic of Belarus.

Kindly take detailed advice at email: info@grandrealt.com or by calling us: +375447978585