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Apartments for sale

Belarus flat can be not just a dream, but reality by «Grand Realt»! Specialists of our company will tell you about all the specifics of purchasing apartments and apartments in Minsk and throughout Belarus.


Making a decision to buy apartments.


The decision to buy a flat or an apartment in Belarus in the property is one of the most serious steps. Real estate is considered the largest and most emotional investment that all people aspire to in search of the desired home, comfort and coziness.


Where to start this journey? How to weigh all the pros and cons correctly. The process of buying an apartment in Belarus begins with a real assessment of your own financial capabilities. Having carefully calculated savings and, if necessary, having studied the existing lending proposals of the banking sector of Belarus, one should calculate the approximate amount for the purchase of housing.


Further, after analyzing the existing offers from the massive catalog of «Grand Realt», you can determine your price category of apartments. Without a professional, it is difficult or completely impossible to realistically assess your purchasing capabilities due to the large number of offers and the ambiguity of prices, which are often unreasonable.


This disorientation can be easily avoided, since the professional realtor «Grand Realt» is well versed in prices, knows the market and has access to belarus flats databases that the average person has no idea about.


«Grand Realt» as your real estate agent.


It is more profitable to hire a professional «Grand Realt», who will take on the lion’s share of the tasks associated with buying a belarus property, and will always help with advice.


What can a «Grand Realt» agent do?


  • Inform you about the current state of the market.
  • Analyze what you want and what you need in your future apartment, house.
  • Will coordinate the work of other professionals throughout the process.
  • Offer you flats and apartments in Belarus that match your criteria and budget.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal for the price.
  • Will check documents and control terms.
  • Will inform you about possible problems; discuss with you how to eliminate them.


Search and analysis of proposals.


There are hundreds of thousands of offers for apartments in Minsk, and it is not surprising and confusing. Your «Grand Realt» agent will help you determine more precisely which properties meet your criteria and financial capabilities.


Some questions you should ask yourself:


  • What factors are critical to me and my family?
  • How much space do I / we need and why?
  • Which is more important: location or size?
  • The main thing for me / us is developed infrastructure or ecology?
  • Does my family need kindergartens and schools?
  • Is good transport accessibility important to me or not?


By asking yourself these questions, you may change your priorities as you search.

Having worked through all these issues in detail, you will clearly present your requirements for the purchased housing, which will help to avoid problems due to insufficient elaboration of the issue and unaccounted for nuances when discussing with a «Grand Realt» specialist.


Fair price determination.


As soon as the desired apartment or apartments in Minsk or Belarus that meet all the requirements are found, you can proceed to determining the fair price. A «Grand Realt» agent can provide information on other similar properties in the same area to help you make an informed decision about the cost of your home.


In the case of bargaining, you should also listen to the agent opinion, as he more accurately knows the price level and the timing of the proposed apartment in Minsk. The agent is able to significantly reduce the initial price, which not only pays for the cost of the agent’s services, but also saves you money in general.


The main factors considered by «Grand Realt» specialists when analyzing prices:


  • Location of the apartment and development prospects of the area.
  • The condition of the facility and the anticipated investment in case of improvement.
  • Market analysis. The agent will provide you with a selection of properties with similar prices.


Legal due diligence in «Grand Realt».


Before purchasing a flat or apartment in Minsk, it is necessary to check the legal purity of the object, which includes:


  • How many times an apartment or flat has changed ownership.
  • Whether illegal redevelopment has been carried out.
  • Are there claims or rights of third party?
  • Whether the property has been seized or encumbered.


These are just some questions that need to be answered to keep yourself out of trouble. The duties of the «Grand Realt» agents include complete verification of documents for an apartment or flat.


Preliminary contract and deposit.


By concluding a preliminary agreement of intent to conclude a sale and purchase transaction, you insure yourself against unreliable sellers. «Grand Realt» realtors, filling out a preliminary contract, describe all the nuances about property technical condition being sold. The transaction timing and the property value are clearly indicated.


The preliminary agreement is legally binding and, when resolving disputes, confirms the correctness of one of the parties. It is very important to correctly process the deposit amount and, in case of distrust of one of the parties, leave it for safekeeping at «Grand Realt».


Apartment sale and purchase transaction.


Now to the most important step, having made which, it will be very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to undo something. The most important thing is to make a deal on time and ensure the safety of settlements, with their high-quality execution, everything goes smoothly and comfortably.


The result of the sale and purchase transaction is the receipt by the seller of the agreed funds, and the buyer receiving the documents on the ownership of the apartment or apartment in Minsk. It is also necessary to transfer the property and sign a bilateral acceptance certificate.


During the transaction, your «Grand Realt» agent will be nearby and, if necessary, provide assistance, monitor the observance of your rights, and monitor the transaction legality. He participates in the acceptance and transfer of the apartment, and he controls the funds payment by the former owner and his apartment release on time.


Where can I buy apartments in Belarus?


Belarus flats or apartments in Minsk are widely represented at «Grand Realt» to provide only best options to buy flat in Minsk and in any part of the Republic of Belarus.

Kindly be consulted more at email: info@grandrealt.com or call us: +375447978585

Apartments for sale