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Apartments for rent

Apartments for rent in Belarus is easier than one can imagine if you are served by «Grand Realt»! Specialists of our company will tell you about all the specifics of flats and belarus apartments for rent in details.


Legal issues about apartments for rent.


How can a tenant avoid an unexpected increase in rent or a visit by the owner in the absence of the landlord? What is the right way for an apartment owner to settle relations with tenants? About rights and obligations of the tenants and owners in the «Grand Realt» specialists review.


According to the legislation of Belarus, an individual must conclude a lease agreement with the owner, and a legal entity must enter into a lease agreement. An individual can’t rent an apartment, and a legal entity can’t be a tenant. If a person has entered into a lease agreement, the court (if suddenly a situation arises when there is no way to do without it) has the right to recognize it as invalid. Consequently, it’s impossible and to demand the fulfillment of the contract terms. But you can avoid mistakes by getting full advice from your «Grand Realt» lawyer and resorting to services to support your contract.


Private property rights.


Belarus apartment for rent owned by a Belarus citizen on the private property basis rights is easier, because owners can move in and register unlimited number of persons at the place of stay or residence, but only the apartment owner must warn the neighbors about this.


Why is a lease important?


It is important to know that the apartments for lease is taxed on the income received. If the concealment is revealed, you will have to pay a fine, which depends on the amount recognized as hidden by the tax service employees of Belarus. Neither the term of apartment for rent nor the absence of an agreement exempts from tax payments. The owner is not obliged to register the agreement with the tenant if the lease term is less than a year, but taxes must be paid in any case. All these strict and important nuances will be revealed to you during a face-to-face consultation with «Grand Realt» specialist.


Why is an apartment rental agreement needed?


A contract of flats to rent is required in the dispute event. It’s difficult to argue your claims if your relationship is recorded verbally rather than in writing. There can be a lot of reasons for finding out: from numerous visits of the landlord to the apartment without warning or in the tenant absence, to the tenant apartment sublease. It’s quite easier to draw up a lease agreement: you just need to resort to «Grand Realt» specialist assistance. Notary certification isn’t required for such contract.


What should be specified in the lease agreement?


The contract specifies the tenant passport and the apartment owner details. The agreement subject indicates all characteristics of the apartment for rent (address, area, etc.), and title document certifying that the tenant is dealing with the apartment owner. Lawyers of «Grand Realt» prescribe the parties rights and obligations, full terms of payment and termination of the apartment lease agreement, its conditions.


Agreement conclusion.


Apartments for rent in Minsk long term lease agreement conclusion is more beneficial for the tenant than for the apartment owner. Indeed, it’s in this document that many issues are discussed. For example, how often the flat to rent owner may visit the apartment, whether he / she should warn about the visit in advance, whether it is correct to enter the apartment when there are no tenants inside, etc. You may require the owner not to visit the apartment without warning, or when no one is there.


By law, lease agreement must be signed not only by the tenant and the owner, but also by all owners or registered in this apartment. The cost of one month rent must also be entered into the contract, while indicating the time during which the owner is not entitled to change it, all deposits and prepayments, as well as the limits of the tenant’s liability.


The Tenants’ rights and obligations.


By concluding a lease agreement, the tenant can use the apartment for the specified period. The tenant has the right to move his wife / her husband and minor children into the apartment with the consent of the landlord. The apartment tenant must vacate the dwelling after the expiration of the term specified in the contract, and has no right to sublet the area without the landlord consent. He is also obliged to allow the apartment owner to check its condition and the state of things that are owned by the lesser. The tenant must pay the rent in due time and in the proper amount, pay for long-distance telephone calls and electricity consumption, unless otherwise agreed separately. As a rule, all other utilities for flat to rent are paid by the property owner. However, each case is individual, and it’s necessary to clarify all the nuances of payments with the «Grand Realt» consultant.


The Lessee’s rights and obligations.


The apartment owner doesn’t have right to change the rent amount of during the apartment lease agreement term without the tenant consent. Apartment for rent owner also cannot evict the tenant before the contract end, except in cases established by the Republic of Belarus law. As a rule, the acts of acceptance and transfer indicate the condition of the transferred apartment and the property in it. Particular attention should be paid to household appliances and valuables. This is necessary so that there are no conflicts over damage to property and the apartment itself. «Grand Realt» can consult you widely.


About receipts briefly.


The tenant gives the apartment owner a receipt, which indicates how much and for what was transferred. The period for which the fee is to be paid must be clearly stated. The flat owner certifies that he has accepted a certain amount as payment for a specific period. All receipts you should transfer and payments must do, strictly in the presence of a specialist from «Grand Realt», as the legal witness to your mutual transaction.


Rent flat in Minsk issues for foreigners are often associated with specific legal nuances that the foreigner doesn’t know about. And in each situation you need to understand it on an individual basis. It is highly recommended getting professional advice from realtors and lawyers specializing in apartments for rent in Belarus.


Where can I take apartments for rent?


Apartments for rent in Minsk are widely represented at «Grand Realt» to provide you only best options to rent flat in Minsk and in any part of the Republic of Belarus.

Kindly be consulted more at email: info@grandrealt.com or call us: +375447978585

Apartments for rent